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An Introduction to the UDASEEN world.

According to early beliefs, everything in this world originates and reaches its end with the wish of the creater brahmaa. Lord Brahmaa is said to be originated from the navel of Lord Vishnu. In the very beginning of this universe, he originated Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanat kumar. They took the pledge of living under the strict rules of brahmcharya, tyaag (sacrifice) and prayers for the almighty. It is from them this 'Udaseen saints parampara' originated.

Udaseen is a combination of two words - Ut + Aaseen; Ut means 'above level' and aaseen means 'stated', so, 'udaseen' is - 'stated above the level of materialistic pleasures, always god-focused, living a life of sacrifices and prayers for god'. By the middle age, rebirth was given to this samprdaaye by Shri Guru Avinashi Muni Ji Maharaj and it was blessed by Shri ShriChandraDevji.

Light on the life and principals of Shri ShriChandrDev Ji.

15th century had been an unstable time for political and traditional aspects. This was the time when truth was almost lost among different religious groups. Whole of the country was in cruel hands was being treated very badly. Condition was getting worst and there was needed someone who could save spiritual as well as materialistic worlds. At such a time there born Jagad Guru Shri ShriChandraDevji in a village named Talwandi in Lahore, Pakistan in the year 1494 (samwat-1551). He was the son of Shri GuruNanak Devji and Shrimati Sulakshna Devi ji. He was born with 'bhasm' on entire body, 'kundal' in the right ear and 'long tangled hair', seli (Chain) around waist and so since birth he was regarded as an 'incarnation of Lord Shiva'.

Since birth, he was very different and at the age of 11, he completed his 'yagyopvit samskar' under Pt. Hardayal Sharma. He gave preachings about vedic dharam to many sages, sufis and saints and even tantriks.

He strongly criticised the 'show-off forms of dharam' and established a very true form of behaviour. He also criticised the discrimination on the basis of religions and high and low living. He showed the pure form of humanity. For the sake of Hindu religion, he collected Shaiv, Vaishnav, Shaakt, Saur all together and gave it strength. He was also supporter of vedic KarmKaand and did much in the favour of Hindu dharam.

At last, Shri ShriChandraDevji placed his 'four' followers : Shri Almast, Shri Kamlaasan, Shri Gobind Dev and Shri Baalhaas , as leaders.

Following these traditions, even today, there are four main saints in different forms of DHUNA. Shri ShriChandraDevji gave a new form of vedic 'yagya-upasna' and the idol living style for Nirwan Saints and so established a new leading dharam in the form of DHUNA.

After living for about 150 years in Dharaa Dhaam, for some last moments he went to river Ravi and asked the boatman to take him other side. But, when that boatman talked about him being a yogi and so he should cross it by his own, he ordered that very stone on which he was standing to take him other side. Then that stone moved and reached him to the jungle named Chamba on 1643 (Vikram Samwat-1700) Paush Krishna Panchami, he disappeared. This stone is still there with those lively footprints of Shri ShriChandraDevji. People come from far places and make their wishes, their wishes are said to be fulfilled by him till today.

These great men of Udaseen Samprdaaye spread the teachings of dharam and established many Sanatan centres. They also established many education and medical centres, temples and dharamshalas.

Foundation of Shri Panchayati Akhara Barra Udaseen Nirwan.

One of them were Shri Nirwan Priyatam Das ji Maharaj, who contributed a lot to this Udaseen Samprdaaye. Looking at his contribution, Shri Vankhandi Sahab ji Maharaj gave him a 'Shivling made of BHASM'. Shri Nirwan Priyatam Das ji came and meditate at the shore of Musa river in Hyderabad, South India. Here, he got inspiration of establishing 'Shri Panchayati Akhara'. This place is today known as 'Nirwan Tharra' and is a place of attraction n belief for the people. He came wandering and collected people in Kankhal,Haridwar on Ganga side at the time of kumbh mela and established Shri Panchayati Akhara Barra Udaseen Nirwan on 'Vikram Samwat' in the year 1768 (Vikram Samwat-1825), Maagh Shukl Panchami. It was him after Shri ShriChandraDevji Maharaj, who gave courage and strength to this samprdaaye and supported it as well.

At the time of establishment, different sages and saints took the pledge for making it the best Sanstha in respect of 'serving humanity and hindu dharam'. They will put in their best efforts to resolve the social disputes and will provide people with full justice. They will be purely devoted to their work for the sanstha.

Rules and Regulations for Deeksha.

To become a true follower of this samprdaaye one has to serve for 12 years and it is necessary to follow 'brahamcharya' for that time period. One has to face many kind of exams under a Guru and within this time period he's totally refined into a pure form. Three parts of society can be a part of it - Brahman, Kshatriya and Vaishyas, there is no place for Shudras.

Following the tradition, at present also, there are four main saints under Shri Sat Panch Parmeshwarji Maharaj :-

1. Shriman ShriMahant Hariharanandji Maharaj. he's the follower and carryover under Shri Mihaan Sahabji Maharaj.

2. Shriman Mahant Shankar Dasji Maharaj. he's the follower and carryover under Shri Bhagat Bhagwan Sahabji Maharaj.

3. Shriman Mahant Maheshwar Dasji Maharaj. he's the follower and carryover under Shri Almast Sahabji Maharaj.

4. Shriman Mahant RaghuMuni ji Maharaj. he's the follower and carryover under Shri Baaluhasan Sahabji Maharaj.

Apart from these, some sages, saints establish their own places,some wander to jungles and other serve almighty according to them by continuing living in the same society for its upliftment.

Brief history about Nirwan Kutia.

One among them were Nirwan Baba Shri Santswaroop ji Maharaj, who established Nirwan Kutia in Panjhatha gaon, near Hafzabad, (now in) Pakistan. Staying in this ashram he composed a granth 'Vivek Swaroop Darpan' around 1923 (samwat-1980). After partition in the year 1947 (samwat-2004), this ashram was re established in Kurukshetra area, distt Karnal, which is now in Panipat, here his follower Nirwan Baba Shri Narayan Das Ji Maharaj edited (bhasha teeka) his granth and got it published by his followers in the year 1953 (samwat-2010). Other than this, through out his life time, Shri Narayan Das Ji Maharaj served almighty and did much for the welfare of society. But, unfortunately, after his sudden disappearance(brahmleen)dated 7th november, Friday in the year 1975 (tithi - shukl chaturthi, samwat-2032) in panipat, some of his main followers (S. Balak Singh, S. Sher Singh, S. Kishan Singh, Sh. Shanti Lal, Sh. Gyan Chand, Sh. Chuni Lal, Sh. Mohinder, Sh. Bhagat Ram, and Sh. Darshan) formed Nirwan Kutia Sabha to continue those services to society, On 15th oct,1993, there held a meeting in which this agenda in order to get this sabha and its Constitution registerd was passed. For this, some active members were appointed to look after its works, to put in more efforts and so with the help of other willing and true followers, they also started a school to give poor and needy children education. This school is still working and there are other projects as well under work.

Patron - Baba Ganga Das Ji.
President - Shri Bhagat Ram Juneja; s/o Shri Buta Ram.
Vice President - Shri Darshan Chugh; s/o S. Balak Singh.
Secretary - Shri Mohinder Kumar; s/o Shri Visakhi Ram.
Joint-Secretary - Shri Gyan Chand; s/o Shri Gopal Das.
Cashier - Shri Shanti Lal; s/o Arurr Chand.

The date of virtue (punya tithi) is cherished and organized every year starting  from Rama ekaadshi (punya tithi of shri Santswaroop ji) to Chaturthi (punya tithi of  shri Narayan das ji),  in their remembrance as annual function including all cultural and religious programs followed by langar. 

Nirwan Baba Shri Tirlok Muni ji Maharaj, a true follower of Nirwan Baba Shri Lakshman Dasji Maharaj (Neelkanth, Rishikesh, Uttranchal) is taking care of this Nirwan Kutia these days.



Since early ages, India had been regarded as a holy place, a place of god, a place of Sanatan culture.Also, time to time here happened to be many rishi-munis who worked their best for the welfare of the people and for development of this culture. They provided their knowledge such as jyotish, sangeet, vaastu, ayurveda, etc. in different written forms as granths and all.

Despite of it being provided since then, we have not been able to draw much benefit from it, reason being our unawareness about it.

So now in order to make this knowledge reachable to every single person in every corner of the world, by making use of latest technique this web site www.nirwankutiasabha.org has been compiled instead of publishing just another book about it. This has been done by the inspiration of those rishi-munis and by the grace of god and those precious facts are provided here absolutely free of cost.

Hope it will prove beneficial for you..........darshan